Thursday, September 29, 2005

Well we’ve been back almost 2 weeks now and I’m only just starting to feel as though I’m back in sync. To prove the point I’ve just got around to watching a video of the final day of the amazing ashes series. We won – it’s still hard to believe that England (with the help of a couple of Welshman) have finally managed to beat the Aussies.

Our friend Jon kept me abreast of all the cricket (and football) news with a wonderful supply of ever more frantic text messages whilst we were away. The cricket even made the papers in Germany, surely that’s a first!

Ljubljana is a lovely place. A beautiful old town with a picturesque river, it’s also blessed with some great 20th century building and sculptures as well. Loads of friendly street café’s and bars where a drink never cost more than £1 and some of the best Ice Cream we’ve ever had helped to make it a splendid destination.

Berlin was a massive contrast; huge, busy and fascinating, it’s a marvellous city. We caught lots of awful bands at Popkomm, the music industry festival that was taking place in the city. The honourable exception to the mass of mediocrity was the excellent Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur from Denmark. They were great, head and shoulders above anything else we saw.

Whilst we were away I read “Small Island” by Andrea Levy a wonderfully wise and entertaining book about the experience of the melting pot culture of the world in the 1940’s.

What else? Well next week we are off again, not quite so far though this time. We are heading up to Scotland for a few days, firstly to spend a couple of days in Falkirk. Here we will get the chance to see Teenage Fanclub, Trashcan Sinatra’s, Aberfeldy, The Pearlfishers and Malcolm Middleton. Then we have a couple of days in one of our favourite cities in the world – Glasgow.

The other major thing to happen over recent weeks is that Bristol City have started to score goals and even (gulp) win matches! New manager, new era, the smiles were back at Ashton Gate on Tuesday evening. Another home game coming up this weekend, for once I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well we are back home, had a great time in two wonderful places. Been a bit too busy to write anything here since our return. You can see lot’s of pictures by clicking on the “Our pictures” link on the menu.

More soon.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Only one more day to go before our holiday!

On Saturday we head off to Berlin, later in the week we go down to Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia for about a week. Then it’s back to Berlin for a few more days before heading home.

We are writing down lists of things to take, the weather is looking good, which always helps with the packing.

See you soon.