Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Well, what have we been doing during the past couple of weeks; while our little iMac has been out of action? Quite a few of you will know that we have been pretty busy with health related problems on both sides of our families. It’s been a pretty hectic and worrying time, pleased to say that things look as though they may be settling down a bit now (fingers crossed).

Apart from that we managed to sneak out, on bonfire night to see The Boggs. Mark and Bab’s came round for some food before going to the gig and they bought a box of fireworks with them for our pre gig entertainment. Our resident pyromaniac, Orynthia put on a splendid show, as we all oohed and ahhed at the right moments. The gig itself was a strange affair, imagine the scene, church social club with no stage, plays host to super cool New York band, who are best described as the band that could do for Bluegrass music, what The Pogues did for traditional Irish music. It has to be said that the singer has a slightly “difficult” vocal style, but the energy of the band won most of the crowd over, long before the night was out.

Also managed to catch one of Steve Dew’s many bands “Fuzz Against Junk” at The Cube, where an evening of improvised madness entertained the crowd. We made another trip to our local cinema last Friday to see the creepy and uncomfortable “One Hour Photo”. An excellent film, with superb use of colour and sound. Never before has the blandness of the American shopping centre, been so well captured, and made to look so beautiful, in it’s simplicity.

Because of the extra time commitment that we are going to have to make to our families, we decided that we should get another car for running about in. Yes, we have the lovely old Fiat 500, but even at it’s best, it is not really the trouble free, easy driving car that we need. In typical Thomas fashion, we went out the other Sunday, looking for a little run around and fell in love with brand new Citroen C3! We booked a test drive, but within a day, our needs had changed and so it’s back to the hunt for a cheep 2nd hand small car. Probably another Fiat Cinquecento to add to Redland motor museum!


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