Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Yesterday Orynthia's dad finally came home from hospital. Must admit I can't remember exactly when he went into hospital, but I guess that it must have been sometime in January. He still can't walk but I think it's a relief to be at home, it saves Orynthia's mum an awful lot of dashing back and forth to the hospital. They probably still need to a more user friendly house, so they still have a bit of upheaval to go through.

I had to make use of the excellent NHS drop in facilities myself yesterday. Ever since the Ashton Court festival, one of my eyes has been looking rather red, which did not worry me too much, but over the weekend, I noticed that a little lump was forming on my eye. So rather than wait a couple of days to see my local doctor, I nipped along to the walk in centre in town. I had to wait about 40 minutes before seeing a doctor, who then informed me that I had conjunctivitis, so nothing to worry about. He gave me some drops to take for a week and that should sort everything out. My only problem now, is trying to get the drops in my eye, rather than on my cheek or forehead! Its fine at home when Orynthia can deliver the drops, but left to my own devices it can get a bit messy.

The countdown to the start of the football season is now well under way. City's first league game of the season is on August 9th, when we are playing Notts County at Ashton Gate. A few weeks ago we lost Scott Murray our top scorer from last season, so I'm pleased to see that we have bought in Lee Miller a promising young Scottish striker and we are also looking to pick up a winger from premiership Middlesbrough. So hopefully, all the old crowd will be able to meet up, in an optimistic frame of mind, in that fine old pub the Nova Scotia for a pre match drink on the day. I was talking to some of the lads I play football with after our game last night, and they were fascinated by the idea that I have lots of mates that I only ever see at football related things. I suppose, it is quite odd that sometimes, I will see these guys 3 times in a week, for several hours at a time and yet in most cases we know very little about each other. Married or single, where they live, what they do for a job, nothing like that really gets discussed. We mainly end up talking about football and music, as we share the moans and groans over the next nine months of being a fan, of a unglamorous team.


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