Saturday, September 13, 2003

Having a bit of a lazy day today. Only managed to get out of our place at about 2:30 this afternoon, after an long sleep and a slow brunch. I forgot to mention how fab our apartment is. It's huge and fitted in a very sleek and stylish way. Looks like it could be in Wallpaper magazine or elle decoration.

The old town here has lots of great little bars, it's fair to say that we have been enjoing the local produce. Luckily no major hangovers so far. Last night we went to the opening night of a huge new exhibition in the contemporary art centre. Loads of people, were out aall smoking like mad and enjoying the free beer. It's strange but the old town area seems to be full of young people, whilst the larger new town is full of old people. Most of the people we have spoken to have been really nice, friendly and helpful, although we have run into a couple of older ladies with the more traditional Eastern Block idea of service.

For us English everything is really good value for money. Food is very cheap and filling, travel is amazingly good value. The other day we went to Europos Parkas which is about 20km outside Vilnius, although we had somewhat different cost on the outbound and homecoming trip it cost us about about fifteen pounds for the three of us to make the whole trip by taxi. The park itself was a great experience, we were there for about 5 hours, saw some very interesting things. Well worth a visit if you are in this part of the world.

On a less happy note we went to former KGB prision. A very bleak and depressing place, but an essential part of the recent history of this country. It's amazing to see the way people were treated. It was a pretty sombre way to spend our morning but fascinating all the same.


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