Monday, May 31, 2004

Well we missed out on promotion again! Sadly City never got close to top gear in a very tight game, the fact that we only had 1 shot on target in the whole game, despite dominating for about 20 minutes of the 2nd half tells it’s own storey.

Despite the outcome we had a really nice day, having arrived in Cardiff some 6 hours before kick off, we had plenty of time to enjoy the occasion. We spent an hour or so in the wonderful museum, checking out the fantastic collection of art and chatting to the friendly staff and fellow fans of City and Brighton. Have to say that we chatted to lots of very nice Brighton fans both before and after the match, they were suitably modest about their success, hopefully we were graceful in defeat. The stadium and the noise generated by the 65,000 fans was fantastic, it was just a shame that we did not got get the chance to hear the 35,000 City fans in full voice as we surely would have done had we managed to score. Still next August I guess it will be back to the 11,000 regulars for another season of 2nd division football.

We are off to Berlin on Wednesday, so thanks to today’s bank holiday we both only have to work 1 day this week, how civilised is that. Still I better make the most of Imperial whilst I can, sadly the shop is going to close at the end of September, and so my dream job will come to an end. Although I’m sad for myself, I’m feel more for Mark and Babs, whose baby it has been and RLF, Jay Chris and Gaz who have given such brilliant service to the shop. Most of all I feel sorry for Bristol, which is losing a vital part of its music heritage. The landlord has accepted a much higher offer for the rent from someone who wants to open a bar in our location, I can’t really see that Bristol really needs another bar, but hey that’s business I guess.


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