Monday, January 09, 2006

Quite a weekend! After some family stuff during the day on Saturday, we took a trip down to Clevedon for the latest leg of our cinema week. We wanted to visit The Curzon, which is apparently “The oldest purpose-built, continuously operated cinema in the world”. It’s a fantastic old place, which even has an organ at the front of the screen. Well worth a visit if you are in this part of the world. The film we saw was “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” which we both enjoyed a lot, very funny post modern take of the noir films of yesteryear.

Sunday was always going to be busy and indeed it was. Started well in the morning with a 5-0 victory for myself and the rest of the Bryan Munich boys. Then back home to sort out CD’s for that nights Grumpy Man event. Of course we had to fit in another film, so it was off to The Watershed to see the 5pm showing of “Brokeback Mountain” I think I enjoyed it more than Orynthia, great performances from the two leads.

Then we had the short walk over to Mr Wolf’s for Grumpy Man. All was going well until I was about to order some food from the bar and realised that my wallet wasn’t in it’s normal place, I knew that I had it in the cinema so I hoped that I’d lost in there rather than on the street, Played a few tunes which went down well enough, then nipped over The Watershed, where the very helpful staff took my details and said that they would check the room when the showing turned out. Luckily for me I had a call at around 10:15 to say that they had found the wallet, better still everything was intact. What a lovely place Bristol is!

Played a few more tunes back at Grump Man, quite a few friends came down, indeed considering that it was the worst Sunday of the year to do anything, I’d call it a bit of a success. Lot’s of people looked like they were having a good time, it could have been the drink but I’d like to think that my fellow DJ’s and I had something to do with it. Due to an earlier finish than anticipated and 5 of us playing, I didn’t play as many songs as last time. Here is the list of tunes.

King Creosote - Not one bit ashamed
Animals that Swim – Faded glamour
Shack – Miles apart
A Girl Called Eddy – Somebody hurt you
Clearlake – Jumble sailing
Craig Armstrong & Evan Dando – Wake up in New York
The Dears – We can have it.
Stars – Your ex-lover is dead
Silver Jews – Punks in the beerlight.
The Jesus & Mary Chain – Sometimes always.


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