Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A bit of a lack of updates round here caused by the World Cup. After a belting start we’ve had a couple of slightly duff games today, still a bit of settling in going on for some of the teams. Loads more good stuff to come I’m sure.

We are off to Cardiff on Thursday to see Camera Obscura, it’s the only gig on the horizon for us at the moment. Looks like it’s going to be another year for us to give the Ashton Court “community” festival a miss. Back in the days before Orange got involved, the festival was a great weekend for the music loving people of Bristol, the perfect chance to catch all those local bands that you had heard about, but had not actually heard. Chuck a couple of quid in the bucket, have a wander round for a few hours bumping into mates old and new – perfect.

What do we have now? £9 per day to get in and Simple Minds – Yes, Simple Minds headlining, what is the point? As a friend was saying to me on Sunday, Ashton Court used to be a community festival because everyone in the community could go to it. Kids with no money, parents with no money and a couple of kids to amuse, OAPS having a curious stroll around, in short anyone.

Now we have to have huge fences and masses of security staff to keep the people out, not really my idea of community. It also used to have a brilliant Jazz tent, featuring the cream of local talent, over the years that changed into the Hip Hop and breaks area, and then it just became a generic dance area. All very sad, but I’m sure that the people who run it will all end up getting lovely jobs in the media or the exciting world of corporate promotions.


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