Monday, September 18, 2006

That was good, just had one of those great weekends where everything falls into place.

It started on Thursday evening, which is the start of my weekend these days. For the first time in ages we watched a couple of back to back comedy shows which were fantastic. First up was the opening show in the new series of Extra's, have to say that I thought that it was astoundingly good. So many great ideas squeezed in 30 mins, if the rest of the series is as good as this one then we are in for a treat.

Next up was The Look of Mitchell & Webb, we didn't see any of the first series which on the evidence of this show is a real shame. Very silly, very funny, very good.

On Saturday I had the unexpected treat of watch a very good performance from Bristol City, we won 3-1 but we could have scored 6 or 7. Some really good football, loads of stikes on goal (hit the woodwork 3 times in addition to the goals) so it made for very enjoyable viewing. Saturday evening was even better, we hooked up with some friens at The Polish Club for the Charlie Parr gig which I mentioned last time. It was one of those lovely nights when, we seamed to know everyone in the room, so as well as being a great musical evening it was also a great social one. At the end of the gig, I had chats with a few people before heading over the road for a friends birthday party. A couple of friends from my days at Imperial Music were DJ'ing and we had a great laugh dancing away until 1 am.

On Sunday we had some of Orynthia's family over for a meal, Orynthia cooked some great food and I had the chance to nose around the Chinese supermarket when picking up some last minute ingredients. Noticed quite a few Asian students getting rather excited about the range of stuff that they can get from there.


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