Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Grumpy Man event coming up this Synday at Mr Wolfs, here in nonance I wrote about the forthcoming entertainment.:

Bonjour, mes amis,

The world of international diplomacy is a strange and murky affair. I'm
sure that you know that from the days you spent living as a Bedouin
goat herder whilst secretly spying for the British government, that
wasn't you? Oh dear I've said too much.

Anyway back to the matter in hand, this Sunday the world will witness a
unique collaboration as the Grumpy Man DJ team join forces with the
mercurial Zed Van Traumat from Bordeaux at the famous Mr Wolfs Noodle
Bar here in Bristol. Zed, as I'm sure he is known his legions of fans
across the sea is known as an agitator and a free poet capable of
leaving audiences spellbound with his performances. He cites the likes
of Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, and Stravinksky amongst his influences as
well as the wonderful Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg. He will be
backed by a trio consisting of sax, guitar and percussion and should
provide both an invigorating musical treat as well a chance for you to
brush up on your holiday French.

As ever, the Grumpy Man collective have trawled their collections to
find the songs from every musical genre to leave you quivering in you
seat, as you sip elegantly on that last ill advised glass of Pernod
before stumbling into the night. I'm not sure about the rest of the
gang but I've been searching extra hard for any French gems in my
collection and before you ask, NO - I won't be playing Joe Le Taxi even
if Venessa Paradis is virtually a local now!

What's French for Grumpy man? It's £2 to get in, hope to see you there.

Other than that, we've been asked to curate a night of VISUAL treats as
well as Dj'ing at The Cube in late August. It's also been confirmed
that we will be playing in Minehead at the start of December when
Portishead make their long awaited return to the live music world
(other than the tantalisingly wonderful little set they played for
Grumpy Man at Mr Wolfs in February) at the ATP festival. Coupled with
the 3rd Sunday of the month residency at Mr Wolfs it's going rather
well for a group of people who remain refreshingly capable of ejecting
the CD they are supposed to be playing, nothing beats the sudden "sound
of silence" to the get the blood pumping when your standing behind that
mixer. We like to think that we are keeping the spirit of John Peel



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