Friday, March 14, 2008

We continued our run of seeing fine films last Sunday, when we saw the excellent Juno at The Orpheus. I was a little concerned before the film started when we appeared to around twenty years older than anyone else in the unusually noisy room. Once the film started the chatter around us stopped, however would I be able to keep up with the teenage talk coming from the screen?

Thankfully the answer was yes, in fact one of the main joys of the film was the cracking script, it’s just packed with great lines and perfect cameo scenes. The cast are perfect, how great it was to former West Wing star Allison Janney in big screen action. Witty, touching and wise, it’s a film that’s well worth seeing.

I’ve been listening to three very different albums this week. The Herbie Hancock album “River – The Joni Letters”, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds latest “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” and the debut album from Champion Lightspeed “Falling Off The Lavender Bridge”. They all work on very different levels, I love feeling like a grown up (I know, I’m 46 but those oldies are right when they say you don’t feel old inside) as I hear something different in the lyrics or music each time I play it.

The Nick Cave album sounds more simply recorded than some of his recent records but his writing pen was still dipped in the same coruscating ink allowing him to spit out those poetically venomous lyrics. The Champion Lightspeed album is an unexpectedly charming record, with idea’s way above some of his indie compatriots.


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