Saturday, August 24, 2002

Well, I finished reading "The Chosen" on the train journey home last night. It really is a magnificent book. Although story is set the seemingly, narrow confines of the conflicts in the world of the orthodox Jews in a couple of New York blocks. It is a book that touches on many universal themes, families, conflict, support and the ability to be your own person whilst trying to comply with the expectations that others have of you.

As I sit in front of this computer once again, the glorious summer sunshine is streaming in through the windows. I’m off to see City play Wycombe this afternoon. Our plans for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend are pretty fluid. Hoping to catch up some friends and there is bound to be food involved!

The imminent arrival of September means that at last we will have some bands to go and see. We have tickets for our old favourite Elvis Costello and Mcalmont & Butler (new LP is great). We are also looking forward to seeing a local band with the splendid name of Munter, which features a couple of our friends. It’s over a year since we have had the chance to them in action and we and a lot of our friends are really looking forward to seeing them again.


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