Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Luckily the pleasant summer weather continues, which meant that we had a nice Bank Holiday weekend. Football on Saturday was great, a really young City team put on a grand display to beat Wycombe 3-0. Hopes were high, only for then to come back to earth, following a 2-0 defeat at Plymouth on Monday. Which means that after 5 games, we have won all our home matches without conceding a goal, conversely we have lost all our away games without scoring a goal. It looks as though mid table obscurity awaits us.

On Sunday we caught up with John, Jane and Mark Stumbles for lunch at the Hope and Anchor, before Orynthia and I took a walk down Jacobs Wells Road to look at the outrageously expensive new flats that have sprung up along the harbourside, including Bristol’s 1st £1,000,000 flat. We decided that they weren’t quite right for our bank balance or us!

On Monday, we went to our local cinema, The Orpheus to see The Guru. Did not think too much of the film itself. However we did like the fact that it was only £5 for the pair of us, it was a bit of a bargain night out, We do really The Orpheus , it’s a pretty ugly building but it has a really pleasant atmosphere. I often think of the time when they had some problems with the heating in the cinema, strangely it seem to synchronise with the films that were showing, so during Apocalypse Now the heat resulted in the Audience feeling as though they too were trapped in the steamy jungle heat of Vietnam. Then again, I recall another film set in the depth of winter (although frustratingly, the name of the film escapes me) when we sat in heavy overcoats, as our teeth chattered along with the soundtrack.


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