Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well today is a pretty big day for Orynthia’s mum, she is moving into a delightful flat, within a warden controlled old peoples care unit. It’s going to be quite a shock, moving from a 4 bedroom house to this 1 bedroom place, but hopefully it will make her life a lot easier. No stairs to climb, much, much less housework, shops and church literally just across the road, lovely garden area to relax in and no worries about maintaining the property. Hopefully all these things will combine to help her enjoy this new phase of her life.

It’s amazing to think that after reaching the age of 70, this will be the first time that she has ever lived on her own (Orynthia’s brother Ashton currently lives in the house with his mum), so this is bound to be a major change. I have never lived on my own either, I stayed at home with my mum until just before we got married, when I moved into our newly acquired flat. Although I was the only one sleeping in the flat until we got married, Orynthia came over every day after work, so I never spent any time on my own. One of the guys in the shop is about to have a new housemate move in and oddly it’s someone he has never met. As I’ve never shared a house with anyone other than family, I’ve always been really intrigued by the whole idea of sharing your home with someone that you don’t really know and may not even like. Choosing the person you are going to live with must be such a huge decision, how can make the right choice after a quick meeting or two?

So upcoming things to look forward to, on Thursday night we are off to see the king of mind control Derren Brown for what will hopefully be a strange, confusing and entertaining evening. It ‘s the first time that we have seen him in the flesh since his humble days working in Byzantium restaurant many years ago. He did some astounding things, whilst sitting with us that evening, will it work so well in the huge space of the hippodrome? I’ll let you know. On Friday lunchtime Joy Zipper are doing a free instore show at Fopp, which I hope to catch, then on Friday evening it’s the first night of Spike Island open weekend, so a chance to see lots of weird and wonderful work from masses of local artists, hopefully after that we will be able to get into the actual Joy Zipper gig at The Louisiana. Then on Monday it’s time for the fantastic Redland Fair, the perfect place to pick up lots of brilliant bargains from the vast array of stalls selling all sorts of second hand treats.

I'm not going to say anything about football. Only 2 games left and it's all very tense, promotion could still be ours but I think it's going to go to the last kick of the last match.


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