Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hey where did that week go? Well we went to see the engrossing 21 grams at The Orpheus last week. It’s a very clever film with brilliant editing and is well worth catching if you have a chance. Saturday saw Bristol City return to winning ways, with a hard fought win over 2nd placed QPR. It’s puts us back in with a chance of automatic promotion, just 6 games to go. I reckon that if we can win 4 of them we will go up.

Saturday evening was spent at a small party at Ceri and Simons. During the course of the evening, a friend asked if we wanted to sell our much loved but seldom used 1961 Fiat 500. The answer is yes, but now we have to try and work out how much the car is worth.

Sunday was Orynthia’s birthday, and we celebrated by spending all afternoon in Boston Tea Party. Loads of friends came out and despite the showers we managed to sit outside and stay mainly dry, before sneaking inside at around 4pm. Lots of coffee, tea and cakes helped to speed the time along during a very sociable afternoon.

Monday was a big day in the shop as Charlie Parr did the 1st ever instore appearance at Imperial Music. What a lovely man! Charlie played and sang for about 30 minutes in front of a shop full of admiring fans. You can’t quite tell how these things are going to go and everyone has a story about going to one of these things and the proverbial one man and his dog turn up. Luckily that was not the case here and everyone enjoyed the show. In the evening Orynthia and Babs went to The Rutles, before joining Mark and I at the Charlie Parr gig. It all ended a bit later than anticipated but everyone went home with a big smile on their face.

Easter weekend coming up, not too sure of our plans yet, other than a rare Saturday in the shop for me, as a couple of the chaps will be away.

Talking of which, I better get off to the shop now.


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