Friday, June 25, 2004

So a year ago we were down at the Glastonbury festival dodging those 1st day rain showers and hoping for a good time. Well we were really lucky with the weather and had an absolute blast, not enough though to tempt us back into a tent for this year’s festival. Loads of our friends have gone, so we hope that the promised storms for tomorrow don’t drop their load over the festival site. We will be watching it from the comfort of our front room, with the joy of having a nice bed to climb into at the end of the evening.

Talking of music, Wednesday evening on BBC radio 2 saw the start of what sounds like an excellent 4 part series on the Bristol music scene. Rather than start with Massive Attack and Portishead as most of this type of thing normally does, the show took the uber cool club funk scene of the mid 70’s as starting point. It then went on to show how many of these people got involved in the punk and post punk movements, which laid the foundations for the success of bands from this region later in the decade. The show is called “Way Out West: The Bristol Underground” and you can still catch the 1st show on the BBC radio player via the web.

I was sad to read yesterday about the death of Joel Dean, one of the founders of the amazing Dean & DeLuca food store in New York. It is always a favourite destination for Orynthia and I when we are lucky enough to be in that wonderful city.

So England are out of Euro 2004, of course it had to be via a penalty shoot-out, the fourth time we have been knocked out that way since 1990. Have to say that on the night Portugal were the better team. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to the rest of the competition, especially the chance to see the wonderful Czech side in action again.

It’s been a big day for Orynthia’s brother Ashton, after months and months of having around he has finally completed on the purchase of his first flat. I sometimes think that we are more excited about it than he is, anyway Sunday is going to be spent moving his stuff into his new place. Once again I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.


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