Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Well Ashton has moved into his new place, although we still have quite a bit of his stuff to transfer the abode. He has an amazing collection of Hi-Fi, Video and computer equipment from recent and not so recent decades. Some of it even works! Anyway it all went pretty well on Sunday, we only got caught in the rain when we were unloading his stuff, so we could not really complain.

I still remember the strange feeling that moving into our house gave me. The house had been rented out for a while before we moved in, consequently it had a slightly unloved and unkempt feel to it for quite a while. Gradually we were able to put our own slightly confused stamp on the place, famously described as “hotchpotch” by Orynthia’s sister. 10 years on we still have one room, which has not been decorated, and have things stored in completely the wrong room because we thought at one time that the room would be used for a purpose which it is not used for now. I’m always really torn by a love of the brilliant clean and modernist look of The Bauhaus style houses and the knowledge that we keep buying books, magazines, pictures and records which constantly threatens to overwhelm the place. Today I’ve been trying to put away some of the CD’s, which are scattered, around the house and also looking to thin out some of the undoubted dead wood in the collection, the trouble is I hate chucking anything out. I managed to get about 15 things ready to either give to charity shops or sell in the shop, time to work on the books now, it really feels like a good time to simplify the stuff that surrounds us.


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