Saturday, July 10, 2004

So it’s been another day of endless trips to the dump, in a desperate effort to clear Orynthia’s mothers house before Friday’s moving out deadline. How can anyone acquire so many receipts, envelopes and generally useless bits of paper? It really is quite astounding.

What else have we been up to? Well last week we went to see the really rather splendid Hot Club of Cowtown. They were doing their marvellous version of western swing, that strange style of music where Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelly somehow collide with Hank Williams to produce something, which can teeter on the precipice of parody, luckily in this case the astounding musicianship, and general bonhomie of the Cowtown gang meant that this was never likely to happen.

We have also been indulging ourselves in what may well be the greatest TV channel in the world BBC4. Last Thursday being a case in point, when we watched a wonderfully funny and informative show on Ikea narrated by the marvellous Paul Morley, this was followed by the 2nd part of an excellent series on UK art in the 1960’s, finishing up with a double helping of episodes from the wonderful series on the art of the 20th century The shock of the new narrated by a bizarrely coiffured Robert Hughes, then again in was made back in the time when lapels where as wide a 6 lane highway. Anyway it was all captivating stuff, not a bit of reality TV to be seen, fantastic! Why do we have to see shows about daft people doing dumb things, when could be exposed to wit, imagination and invention?


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