Monday, July 05, 2004

I guess the years are catching up with me. As a young lad, I could quite happily play football all day long, tonight after 75 minutes of 5-a-side, mine was the 1st voice shouting the famous slogan of over the hill footballers everywhere – “Next goal wins”. I guess that it’s pretty hard work because of the lack of games recently because of holidays and Euro 2004(well done to the Greeks by the way - fantastic to see team spirit overcome everything else). I still enjoyed the game but my legs had gone by that stage, still our band of Monday night kick about kings have taken the bold decision to join a local casual league. It sound just right for us – 1 game a month, average age of the team should be around 35, rolling subs and any team that take it too seriously can be thrown out of the league, should be fun.

Things are starting to get a bit strange in the shop; generally the word is out that we will be closing so most people know the score. However today I seamed to spend lots of team telling people that by the end of September Imperial Music would be gone. The reactions are amazing, people seem to be genuinely upset and although it’s sad it has been really amazing to work in such a well-loved establishment. When I leave I’ll be able to look back with great fondness at a very special time in my life.


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