Friday, August 13, 2004

We almost had an interesting additional feature in the shop yesterday. The monumental downpour, which hit Bristol at around 1pm, briefly gave us a couple of waterfall features. Luckily all the action took place in the back room rather that on the shop floor, the storm also meant that the people who were in the shop had to hang around waiting for it to stop, consequently we took a bit more money than we had done on the previous days of the week. By the way I should mention that we have started to mark some stuff down in preparation for our closure at the end of September, so if you are looking for some bargains pop down to Imperial Music.

Talking of music, I had the spookiest dream experience the other night. Whilst in work on Wednesday RLF and I were discussing the exciting news that Tom Waits will be releasing a new album in October. Several years ago a few friends and I decided that should the great man ever deign to play in the UK again (his last visit was in 1987), we would do everything we could to catch one of the shows.

On Wednesday evening, I had a really vivid dream, which consisted of my friends and I dashing around Europe, only to discover that we had just missed him every time. I woke up feeling tired (wouldn’t you be if your sleeping hours had been spent zipping from Paris to London to Berlin to Rome.....) and yet intrigued. So imagine my amazement when I checked on his record company website and discovered that earlier in the week, three dates in Berlin had been announced (and sold out) and that further dates were going to be added, including dates in the UK!!!

I’ve spoken to all my Waits pals and we have agreed to keep our eyes and ears open in an effort to track down some of these tickets, as they are sure to be in short supply. So anyway I’m taking it as a sign of good fortune that I had the dream, lets hope that the reality is slightly different and we do actually manage to catch a show!


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