Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Keep "The Louie" open!

Some of you will have seen this already via email, if not and you live in Bristol or just love very small venues, with great bands please read this. Rather than provoke counter productive spam emails for our friends in the council, please let me know via the comments box below and I'll send you the email address, should you wish to raise any points

I expect that most of you are aware that one of the important music venues in Bristol, The Louisiana has been under threat for some time. The latest licensing decision is due to take place on June 21st, as couple of objections to the renewal of licence have lodged, it's important to let the council know how much we value this wonderful venue.

I'm sure that you don't need me to tell you what a cornerstone of the Bristol music scene this has place has become. In recent years the likes of The Strokes, White Stripes, Divine Comedy and Scissor Sisters, have played their first Bristol gigs in the intimate surroundings that this place offers. Just as importantly it's the testing ground for all those young Bristolian musicians looking to strap on a guitar and make a big old noise. It's also a friendly and trouble free place, exactly what the city needs.

So, please lend you voice to the campaign to ensure that "The Louie" stays as part of the cultural map of the city. Send an email to *********** reminding the council that any city worth the name must have places like this. The council has happily taken reflected glory from the contribution that musicians have made to this city over recent years, remind them that music needs a place where it can develop.

Get you friends to contact the council as well, we need as many people as possible to let them know just how important to Bristol this place is.

Please get your comments into ************* by 20/06/05, so they can be read before the meeting.

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