Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hello Norway!

Over the past few days this site has had a lot of visits from Norway, not really sure why. If you happen to be from Norway, maybe you could leave a comment to say what bought you here.

Talking of far off lands, this evening we are heading off for a few days. Nowhere as exotic as Norway, just a quick trip around England, Tonight we head off to Birmingham to catch up with some old friends and to take a look at some of the new buildings in the centre of the town.

Friday evening will see us heading further north; in fact we will be staying overnight in Widnes before heading into Liverpool on Saturday. We are aiming to have a look at the Tate and anything else which takes our fancy.

Saturday evening will see us back in the midlands, when we stay just outside Telford. On Sunday we may go to Shrewsbury or we may not. We’ll just see how we feel.

Finished the new Banana Yoshimoto book the other day. It actually consists of two short stories, “Hardboiled” and “Hard Luck”. The first is a gently spooky story of woman being revisited by her past. The second is a very affecting tale of loss, coupled with attraction for the wrong person at the wrong time. As ever with Yoshimoto it’s a beautiful and deceptively simple piece of writing. I just wish we had more published work from her in England.

Other than that we had a very frustrating time with our iPod. Endless hours have been spent watching attempting to load songs and then locking up, leaving us with a blank player. At least all the tunes are still on iTunes and we have Orynthia’s iPod shuffle to keep us going.


Anonymous aesop said...

Hi Tom/ory

hope your trip is going/went well, and your iPod is holding up better now than my Monolith2 which is now a piece of useless trash and far from recommended. Hope the shuffle suffices. Bristol awaits your return.

8:22 pm  
Blogger Tom said...

It was really rather fine. Lots of pictures on my fliceker page.The iPod is going back to be repaired/replaced. The shuffle did fine, and it's always nice to be back in Bristol.

12:07 am  

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