Wednesday, August 10, 2005

As ever we’ve been stupidly busy of late, Sunday being a case in point. Over the course of the day, we met up with Orynthia’s family for a huge Chinese Dim sum brunch, went to the Fleece to see the ever improving Wilma, had a nice stroll round the docks, have a light meal in Café Havana, then went to Mr Wolfs noodle bar to help one of the Bryan Munich boys turn 40.

I forgot to say that we managed to go our lovely local cinema The Orpheus last week to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – wonderful, just wonderful. Burton and Depp at their best, I was lost in their magical world.

We are trying to have a quieter week; in fact we have 2 consecutive nights when we are both at home. On Friday we are off to Trinity to see Devendra Banhart, I really hope that it won’t be too hippy drippy folksy. All these new fangled folk types are starting to worry me, I don’t want to hear about pixies, elves and hey nonny nonny thank you very much. I will not wear a smock and grow a beard for anyone; in fact maybe I should wear a suit that might be interesting!


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