Sunday, August 14, 2005

Friday night was strange, after eating lots of yummy Burmese food with Orynthia’s family, we rushed down to Trinity for the Devendra Banhart gig. A very strange night it was. After a dreadful opening act, whose name escapes me (which is a worry as we may accidentally see her again), Espers took the stage. They had a modicum of interest within their desperate 60’s / 70’s prog folk sound, but really this whole obsession with bad folk music is threatening to get out of hand!

Things were so bad that I was fully expecting to last only 20 or 30 mins of Mr Banhart’s set, so miserable had the musical entertainment been. However our fears were swept away, as his band and him remembered that tunes really do matter. There were a few cringe worthy moments when the hippy influence came to the fore, but overall he really was very entertaining.

Saturday morning saw of waking up rather earlier than anticipated, when I was woken by the sound of a hot air balloon going over the house at around 7:30am. It was soon followed by another one, which I managed to get a few snaps of.

Bristol City are off to a dismal start to the season, 3 games played, no goals scored, only 1 point = bottom of the league. The only way is up. Isn’t it?


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