Thursday, November 03, 2005

Last night we spent our final hour with one of our favourite TV shows - Six feet Under. Over the years it's been a show which has intrigued, engaged, involved, and put us on an emotional roller coaster more than any show I can remember.

I think that the strength of the show was that the characters you liked had the ability to annoy, frustrate and disappoint you, in the same way that the ones you weren't so keen on could suddenly delight and amuse you. In short it was just like life. No one was always good or bad, which kept the show interesting.

As so much of the show was taken up with death it was often a pretty tough show to watch. I don't think that any other series has sent us off to bed with damp checks as often as this one did. We have had quite a lot of issues to deal with over the past year or so, including death and serious health worries for members of the family. Six Feet Under just seemed to have a knack for articulating the emotions we were feeling at the time, which wasn't always comfortable but was in some strange way helpful.

We’ll miss it.


Anonymous elena said...

what did you think of the ending sequence?

i'm not so sure that i liked the way it ended, although i get what they were trying to do. i thought it could have ended just after nate appeared in claire's dream, and the final scene could have been her driving down the road to NYC.

but i guess if they hadn't ended it the way they did then you're left to wonder what became of the characters. at least the way they did it you could see how many of their stories came to an end. although sometimes it's nice to let your imagination wonder.

: )

10:13 am  
Blogger Tom said...

Must say that I liked the ending, some it was really funny (those wigs!) although I was sad to see Keith getting shot whilst working as a security man, what an awful job to do at that age.

10:21 pm  
Anonymous elena said...

yeah those balding wigs were pretty funny. it looked like someone took a handful of synthetic grey hair and glued it to a bald-cap.

3:59 pm  

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