Monday, October 31, 2005

As the rain pours down with ever increasing force, we completed the purchase of our new car this weekend. The main attraction – the splendid glass roof, which given the right weather conditions will open to flood the car with light and air. Of course at the moment the only worry is that it will flood. So far so good, no sign of any incoming droplets, which is a very good thing.

Since our recent holidays we’ve been rather lacking in gigs to attend, however we managed to get ourselves along to The Cube last Thursday, to see SJ Esau’s John Peel anniversary night. We went along with a few friends who were making their first visit to this wonderful place. It was a typically chaotic and noisy night featuring all manner of mayhem.

Whilst listening to radio 6 this morning I rediscovered a lost treat – The sublime “Katy Song” by Red House Painters. They were someone that I only discovered long after they had split up. Finding them was one of the many benefits in fact of working at Imperial. Beren who worked there with me was a huge fan and pointed me in the direction the excellent double CD compilation of their work on 4AD, it’s a fine thing.


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