Friday, April 21, 2006

Joe Volk
Wow, where did those 2 weeks go? I guess that we’ve just been catching up with friends and family following our little trip.

In fact over the Easter weekend we had a bit of a family gathering here, to celebrate the fact that one of Orynthia’s cousins had just returned after about 4 months travelling around Southern India. She had loads of amazing stories to tell and pictures to show us. It felt as though we spent the whole afternoon laughing.

Being a Burmese gathering we obviously had way too much food, so on the Monday we invited 4 other friends over to join us in an attempt at eating it all, they did pretty well, but could not quite clear the decks completely. It’s great to have friends who are happy to come and ear leftovers, pretty wonderful leftovers they were though.

I did my little bit of DJ’ing at “Lost In The Woods” last night. It was the first night for the boys in a new venue, The Lansdown in Clifton. The music took place in a lovely room above the bar. The acoustics of the room were perfect for the “voice and guitar” approach of all the guys who played, lovely evening.

Tomorrow we’re very excited about the prospect of seeing Iron & Wine + Calexico playing. It will be interesting to see Iron & Wine in a larger venue, we seen them twice before in St Bonns which is a tiny social club which no stage at the time. Will their intimate sound work in a venue, which holds around 2000 people? I’m sure that it will, we’ve seen Calexico in this venue before and they were great.

We arranged a little trip to London in May. Over the course of 4 days we will be seeing Camera Obscura, Bricolage and Swedish band Irene. In addition to that we hope to catch the Modernism exhibition at the V&A and the Bauhaus exhibition at Tate Modern!!!!

We will be making the trip on the Mega Bus, it’s costing the outrageous price of £4.50 for the two of us. Yes, £4.50! That’s the return price – it’s mad! To be even more cheapskate we are staying in the guest room with Orynthia’s aunties sheltered housing complex, that’s setting us back £5 per night, amazing.


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