Friday, April 28, 2006

Well last weekend didn’t really go to plan. Things obviously weren’t right when I realised that I didn’t really want breakfast. Now anyone that knows me, we realise that this is an unusual situation to say the least. I guess it happens about as often as whole week going past without a self inflicted humiliation for the The Labour party.

Anyway I spent the whole day in various degrees of discomfort, including a few periods studying at close quarters the lovely porcelain of our lavatory. In the evening we had tickets for the Calexico / Iron & Wine gig. After managing to have a spell of stability we decided to go the gig. Must admit that I expected to see a 60% full venue as was the case the last time Calexico play the Academy, but this time the place was packed, Not really want I wanted to see as it’s a very uncomfortable place when it’s busy.

Iron & Wine were first on and pretty soon I was struggling to stay on my feet. After about 20 minutes of their set, I realised that I needed to get out quickly or I was going collapse in the heat. As I mentioned the Academy is not a pleasant place when it’s full, trying to take the short walk to outer bar area was horrible. The stairs leading up from the “pit” area were covered with people trying to see the band. Meaning that you had to push your way through people who had nowhere to go (bit of a health and safety issue I’d think). At last I did make it to the seating area and sat there feeling rather strange for a while.

I had told Orynthia to stay in the main room and watch the band, but after a short while she came to see how I was. When she tried to get back in the main room she found it imposable to get back to where she had been or get any sort of few to see the gig, so without seeing Calexico we decided to leave. Good job we did really, as soon as the car pulled up outside the house, I knew that I was in trouble1 I just about managed to make it to the Tulip bed in front of the house, before depositing an unusual load of plant food at their base. The good news is, that almost a week on the plants are looking better than ever, don’t really fancy feeding them in this way on a regular basis though.

Tomorrow should see the last home match of the season for BCFC, amazingly having flirted we relegation almost all season, we could still make it into the promotion playoffs! It depends on the two teams above us failing to win their games and us winning both of ours, but it could just happen, If it does we have the delight of running around getting tickets for the extra games!

It’s Redland fair this weekend, the social event of the year for people round here. It’s a community fair / car boot sale / performance afternoon where we have picked up some amazing things in previous years. The fun officially starts at 1pm, I think Orynthia will have us looking for bargains before that!

I just been sent this link to some fantastic footage of the brilliant and bonkers Sun Ra, take a look it’s genius.


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