Sunday, November 05, 2006

So we’ve been back from New York for 3 weeks now and I think I’m almost ready to shake off the cold that I picked up just after we returned. The whole experience has left me feeling like I’m really on the threshold of old age, I have no energy or inclination to much at all over the last couple of weeks. My feet ache when I walk, if Phlegm was tradable on the stock exchange I would be a very rich man indeed, sleep has been fractured and inconsistent and I’ve been moaning and groaning (like I’m am now!).

I’ve decided to let my subscription to The New Yorker lapse for a while. I still love the magazine, but I just can’t keep up with the reading, I hate being 3-4 weeks behind which I always appear to be these days, because I’m behind I try to catch up by reading during breaks at work, leading to a decline in the number of books that I can I read. I’m sure that I’ll return but we just need a break from each other at the moment.

Talking of books, I am reading something that I picked up whilst we were in the States, It’s called “It’s alright now” by Charles Chadwick. A strange meandering and epic take on a mans life, written in an almost diary like style, with huge chunks of the book describing very small events in minute detail.

It’s received quite a lot of interest both here and in the states as it’s the debut novel from Mr Chadwick and he is in his 70’s – hope for us all then! I’m quite attracted to the way things move at a very slow pace, unlike like so much of the things which are put in front of us these days, this takes it time. Hopefully the journey will be worth it, in many ways it reminds me of an old fashioned game of test cricket, subtle change emerge slowly rather than in a blitz of frenzied activity like it would in a one day match.


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