Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well the good news is that I don’t have perforated eardrum after all. It’s just an ear infection, which should clear up soon, with the help of the cute little ear spray, which was prescribed for me.

Playing football was interesting as I couldn’t hear any of those helpful “man-on”, “time” “ lump it over here” shouts which are an integral part of the game. Added to that the fact that I’ve played once in the last month, I have to say that it resulted in a fairly woeful performance. The mighty Bryan Munich have a league game this Sunday, I hope that I can raise game from the lows of Monday night or I’m in for a miserable morning.

It’s actually going to be a pretty busy weekend, on Friday afternoon we are going to one of the launch events for “Front Room – The Totterdown Art Trail”. Sadly we won’t have a chance to have a complete look around during the rest of the weekend. It’s a shame as we really enjoyed it last year; of all the art trails in Bristol I think it works the best, mainly because of the compact nature of the display area. It’s really easy to visit all the houses on foot, unlike some of the other trails. As well looking at some interesting art, it is of course a wonderful opportunity to nose around other people’s houses, some of which are amazing. If you live in Bristol and have a spare hour or so, you really should go along and be nosey!

So what of the rest of the weekend? Well on Saturday I’m meeting up a friend for brunch before see City in action for the first time in ages (due to our trips to New York and London). Talking of City they have given me an interesting idea, on December 3rd my mum will celebrate her 75th birthday, sometime on that weekend City will be playing an FA cup game (date yet to be confirmed). Wouldn’t it be great to have my mum running out as the city mascot, having put up of years of obsessive football following from both my dad and I, what could be finer than going to first game at the age of 75! Seriously, I don’t think it would fair to put her through that; we will have to come up with another plan.

As previously mentioned I’m playing football on Sunday morning, before DJ’ing at Mr Wolfs in the evening at the latest Grumpy Man event. Sadly, I’m going to need a bit of a kip in the afternoon, otherwise I may make it through the evening, but I’ll be dead for the rest of the week.

Such is the sad state of affairs as I approach my 45th birthday . Not sure how much longer I’ll continue playing football as the recovery time, gets longer after every game. I’ll have to think of my 45 favourite 45RPM records and make myself a little play-list for my iPod, I missed the chance to do my 33 favourite 33 RPM records, will I still be around to list my top 78, 78’s ?


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