Thursday, December 28, 2006

Part of the reason that updates to this site were shall we say, limited during December, was that I had been asked to write some reviews for a website in America.Previously I've sent a couple of pieces into The Global Cafe myspace site, and when I sent them my list of albums of the year (see below) they wrote to say that they were compiling a top 50 for their newly revamped website, and could I write a short piece on ten of the records which appeared on both of our lists. It was quite an interesting thing for me to think about the phrasing and structure of those pieces and was good fun to do. When their website is updated I'll put a link here so that you can see how badly I misunderstood your favourite album of the year.

It's actually been a very quiet period for us musically of late. We did go to see Fuzz Against Junk on December 23rd as our friend Steve is the drummer in the band and it was his birthday that day. They played with Crippled Black Phoenix, who seemed to have a little less light and shade then when we saw them previously. There are rumours that Fuzz Against Junk may be involved in an upcoming live show in conjunction with the 6music show "The Freakzone", which would be great for them.

On the music buying front, Orynthia gave me a copy of the solo album from Jarvis Cocker which I'm enjoying. I picked up a copy of the debut album from former Imperial Music main man RLF, he now records under the name Bass Clef and the record is called "A smile is a cure which straightens most things" and it's really rather wonderful. If I'd heard it earlier in December it would certainly made it into my chart, in fact it was listed as the tenth best dance album of last year by those hipsters at The Sun! The record itself is reminiscent of the work of people like The Sabres Of Paradise and Mad Professor, heavy on the bass with fascinating aural soundscapes it's well worth investigating.


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