Friday, November 23, 2007

Last weekend was one of those busy but great ones that make you wish we could just have fun all the time and never need to go to work. On Saturday the my fellow Grumpy Man DJ's and I were asked to be part of splendid musical evening called "Oh the woe". It was arranged by the nice people from Scarlatti Tilt who played a live set, as did North Sea Navigator and Crippled Black Phoenix. We helped out by playing a few miserable tunes around the band time. The Folk was very pleasantly busy, the bands were great and seemed to enjoy what we did, it couldn't really have gone much better.
Prior to this I'd gone on a brief shopping trip with Orynthia and her mum and after a lot of months looking at pinstripe suits, I managed to snag a bargain by picking one up for only £45.00.We then stopped off at Attic the excellent Tea centric cafe at the top of our road, to have a little afternoon snack. It's really nice to have such a lovely place so close at hand.
On Sunday morning corralled the troops at Bryan Munich for our latest run out in the Bristol "old man's football league". The weather was pretty grim, we can't really complain though as it's ages since we to play in conditions which were anything less than lovely. The game ended 2-2 thanks to one of our chaps getting a very late equalising goal, a result which we deserved given the way we had played. After a quick match post-mortem in the bar, I nipped home before heading out to hook up with Orynthia and Crescentia at Paintworks where our friend Rich and his band Suzuki Boom Boom were playing a short set as part of the Totterdown Arts Trail.

We then grabbed some curry and rice from a stall in someone's front garden, before nipping to a friends house for tea and cake.

Tonight we heading to South Bristol to see an old friend. Martin Stephenson is playing in a new venue called The Thunderbolt, a trip down memory lane awaits us.


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