Monday, November 12, 2007

Middle age or should that actually be old age arrived for me today. The weather was a tad nippy, I looked out from the house to see a small veneer of ice upon the car windscreen and thought to myself “ Why not wear a jumper underneath that suit jacket?” That’s not some trendy - no shirt and jumper arrangement, no I had a normal work type shirt, jumper and suit jacket triple-decker combo ensemble. The perfect look for the middle aged man about town, although I feel that I’m becoming more of a man about the sofa lately.

Having said that, I did have an out and about sort of weekend. Friday evening was spent in the company of some of my work colleagues in the dubious form of a Chinese karaoke restaurant. Another sign of old age was that in a huge number of cases I had absolutely no idea what the songs, which the enthusiastic youngsters were murdering were. Even though I like to play the music snob, until fairly recently I managed to keep a tentative ear on the mainstream and that’s no bad thing, sadly I can’t tell my Sugar Aloud from Girls Babes or what ever they are called.

On Saturday we attended the wedding of our friends Katja and Jon, and an unusual and enjoyable wedding it was to. After the ceremony in central Bristol we all boarded a classic London double-decker bus for a journey to Weston-Super-Mare. After a brief stop on the seafront and a quick wander around the pier, we made our way to the Helicopter Museum on the edge of W-S-M for the reception. Yes that’s right we spent the late afternoon and early evening in the company of some very nice people and lot’s and lot’s of helicopters. Orynthia made 70 + individual Cheesecakes for the buffet and rather splendid they were.

Last night was a Grumpy Man evening, which featured the excellent Nina Hynes an Irish performer who is now based in Berlin. Nina and her friend Fabien played a delightful set of 60’s inspired ethereal space pop, then due to a temporary shortage of Grumpy DJ’s I had to act out my DJ role for almost just over 2 hours. A little daunting but very enjoyable, strangely unlike my experience on Friday evening I could see quite a few people singing along to the tunes and this time I knew all the words as well.


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