Saturday, January 19, 2008

It’s been a quiet week for us as a bug left Orynthia doing her impression of a nun in a silent order. For most of the last weekend she could only produce the occasional squeak, which was interesting as we had friends staying with us. Thankfully as the week moved on she has been gaining strength although she did have an unfortunate set back last night.

We went to see a friend performing in an excellent production of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” at Trinity. Just as the play was heading for it’s climax, Orynthia was struck by a coughing fit which forced her from her away from her seat and out of the room, meaning that she missed the final dramatic minutes of the performance.

Visits to Trinity are rather sporadic these days and tend to be for non-music related events. It was very different in the early 80’s when it was a regular stop off point for the up and coming bands of the day and I had the chance to see the likes of Joy Divison, Nick Cave, Teardrop Explodes, Monochrome Set, New Order, Death Cult, Magazine, Bauhaus and masses of others in the gloomy church with the bizarre tarpaulin ceiling and enormous industrial heaters which looked more like jet engines than any sort of heater that I’d seen before.

They were amazing things, belting out enough heat to strip the flesh from the back of your legs if you got too close them, yet making virtually no difference to the seemingly always chilly conditions. Things were always slightly haphazard at Trinity I well remember turning up for a reggae gig at the advertised start time of around 9pm, before eventually giving up and going home at round 1am without having seen a band make it to the stage.

At the end of next week we are taking one of our now regular trips to Glasgow, where we will be taking in 4 gigs as part of the Celtic Connections festival. On consecutive nights we shall see King Creosote, Bricolage, Camera Obscura and Teenage Fanclub for what should be a fantastic long weekend. Before that we have another Grumpy Man night to attend to on Sunday at Mr Wolfs where our friend Steve Dew will join us with the rest of his excellent band, Submarine. Upon our return to Bristol, we finally get to see the Canadian Band Stars when they play at The Thekla, so we are going to have a pretty musical week or so.


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