Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, yes, yes we did come back from Glasgow, although I’ve spent most of the time in bed since we came home.

Glasgow was as ever a wonderful experience 4 great gigs, knowing people wherever we went, great accommodation, great curry, a visit to the GFT to see the gripping “No Country for Old Men, great record shopping what more could we want?

It’s odd that many people in England still give us the “Glasgow! Why would you go there?” look. We just find it be the most fun, friendly, welcoming place, packed with interest and surprise on every corner.

Having arrived back in Bristol last Monday tea time, I didn’t leave the house until Saturday morning, having been struck down, finally, by the flu bug which has zipping around me since Xmas. I finally managed to make it the shops at the round to pick up some bread and a paper, the odd thing was that the road appeared to be about as twice as long as it was previously!

We did manage to catch up with some friends and their excitable child in the picture postcard Cotswold’s yesterday lunchtime before dashing back to Bristol in order for me to DJ at the American Music Club gig on The Thekla. Have to say that the band were in fine form, much improved on their gig at Fiddlers a couple of years ago. Sadly whilst I was ill, I missed the Stars Gig at the same venue, Orynthia still went along and it sound like I missed a pretty good night. Lovely person that she is, she returned home with a flower and a CD for me.

Talking of Orynthia, it’s 21 years ago today that we were married. 21 years, some people aren’t that old you know. How can that be? It’s gone very, very quickly.


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