Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So the exciting news that I alluded to yesterday, is that Orynthia has been contacted by someone from Warp Films. They were asking if they could use some pictures of hers in a forthcoming film that they are making. The film will be a documentary about the All Tomorrows Parties music festival which we have attended a few times, however the thing that has sparked their interest is a website which Orynthia made about the forerunner of ATP, The Bowlie festival.

The Bowlie as I’m sure everyone who reads this site will know took place in 1999 at Camber Sands and was hosted by Belle and Sebastian. It was a brilliant weekend, as well as B&S we enjoyed performances from Camera Obscura (unknown to us at this point), The Flaming Lips, Cornelius, The Ladybug Transistor, Teenage Fanclub and many more. From this idea the ATP concept emerged and has been running very successfully ever since.

When Orynthia was in the early stages of teaching herself the web skills which would later pay her wages, she wanted a little project to work on. The idea of a site about The Bowlie was mooted, I wrote some text and Orynthia designed the look of the site and did lots of scanning of photo’s (pre digital!), tickets and the like, she then built the pages. It was never fully completed but that wasn’t really the intention. So there it’s has sat for several years, unknown to most people but with a special place in our hearts. Obviously the good people at Warp Films were looking around the web for any Bowlie related stuff and stumbled across the site. Looks like part of it could become part of music history!

You can see the site here http://www.btinternet.com/~tomory/bowlie/intro.html

Strangely enough we are off to see Camera Obscura a couple of times this weekend, 1999 -2008 we haven’t really changed that much I guess.


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