Friday, July 11, 2008

Well I think the radio interview went well enough. Orynthia managed to record it and on listening back to it last night it didn’t sound too embarrassing. Don’t the global reach of the show is huge but it was an interesting way to spend part of an evening.

Tomorrow Orynthia, Carl and I are heading over to Cardiff to catch up with one of our newly discovered Welsh cousins and his girlfriend. We are also going to visit Spillers – the oldest record shop in the world! Of course with things as they are in the music world the future of the place is not very secure. Still we hope that this will be the first of many visits.

I’m not really sure how I managed to miss the place before, we’ve been to Cardiff on several occasions and I did work there for a few weeks whilst I was at BT. Somehow it always escaped me.

We might be heading out to The Folk house later on as the strangely wonderful Freeze Puppy is playing. Also on the bill is the interesting Stanton Delaplane, I’ve got one EP by him which is really hypnotic, he sounds like Morrisey being a chorister a unique and interesting voice.

Our house is a bit of a mess at the moment; we are having some work done in the house. Come Monday the bathroom, our bedroom and the dining room will all be in fairly major states of disarray. Those that know me will be relieved to hear that we are getting a man (or 3) in. My DIY skills are on a pair with the English Summers ability to produce endless clear sunny days!


Blogger george said...

to orythia and tom,

I am working on the ATP film, i understand you exchanged emails with my colleague stephen parker and sent some photos of the bowlie. I am writing to try and get hold of the highest quality versions of these pictures and any other bowlie pictures you have.

sorry for writing this in your blog but i couldn't get hold of your email address!

thanks for all your help,


4:47 pm  

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