Monday, September 02, 2002

I'm spending today at home as we are having a new boiler installed, any excuse to have a day off work! Due to impending boiler work, we had to clear the kitchen, consequently we have had to a bit of eating out. Friday night, we went out for a drink with a few of my work colleagues for a drink, on the way to the pub we walked through Queens Square which having one of a series on Friday jazz gigs. Well the music sounded quite nice and we were tempted by the food that available. Some nice looking Sushi and various food cooked on a grill by the people from Mud Dock. Typically, in the midst of an otherwise splendid summer the sight of an outdoor music event in Bristol brought the rain. In fact by the time we reached the food stall the rain was heavy for us to consider eating outside. So we went off to the Spyglass, a newish restaurant which is based around the idea of having a your food cooked on a barbecue. The restaurant is split 50-50 between a boat and the harbourside. I think that if the weather is fine you can sit in the open air whilst enjoying fairly cheep and cheerful dishes. However as the rain was pouring down the awnings were up and the gas heaters were on.

On Saturday, I went to see City in action. We managed to keep our run of home wins going with a 2-0 win over a dour Tranmere side. A deserved win, even if the penalty which broke the deadlock was more than a little contentious. After the match I met up with Orynthia at the Arnolfini before to going to watch the excellent Argentinean film Nine Queens . Full of twists and turns, it kept you guessing right to the end. We did sound real bargain eating before the film. Using a couple of the take away food stalls on the centre, we has some delicious Falafel’s followed Banana and chocolate Crepe’s - total cost of £10 for the two of us.

Sunday was a bit of a family day, catching up with people on both sides of the family then ending up at Orynthia’s Mum and Dad’s

After the thrill of reading The Chosen, I quickly read through a easy reading, wise cracking crime caper called The Burglar In The Closet by Lawrence Block – OK but nothing special. Now I am engrossed in a book called About The Author by John Colapinto. An interesting read, we follow our hapless narrator after telling a big lie in order to make it as an author, I don’t know how things are going to end, but I feel that it won’t be too good for our man.


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