Wednesday, October 09, 2002

OK, if you live in or near Bristol and enjoy food, you MUST go to Sawadee, a newish restaurant at 223 Cheltenham Road. It’s the only place in Bristol that you can buy Burmese food (only 1 dish so far, but it’s great) as well as Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Laos, Indonesian Malaysian plus the more usual Thai, Chinese and Indian. The amazing thing is that all the dishes cost just £5.99 for wonderfully tasty, fresh, authentic food. We went there last night, with a few friends and every one was very taken with the place. Only our 2nd visit so far, but I’m sure that we will be going many more times.

Tomorrow evening we are off to see McAlmont & Butler at the Anson rooms, the start of a busy few days. On Friday night we might go to a club called Level because Grant from Massive Attack and Geoff from Portishead are doing DJ sets. Then on Saturday evening, we are hoping to have a meal at the newly opened Bristol branch of Wagamamas, before we head off to see cheeky scouse mop tops The Coral. If we were a few years younger, we may well have gone onto Blowpop where our friend John Stapleton has booked the intriguing DJ Krush. I can’t see that happening though. Then on Sunday, Orynthia’s mum & dad are coming over for lunch. Not much sleep to be had, but it should be good fun.

Autumn is starting to head towards us, although the sun is still shining it’s starting to get a little nippy. Whilst walking along the lovely tree lined Redland Grove this morning, a sudden gust of wind sent loads of golden leaves tumbling to the ground. It will soon be time to get out those winter jumpers out.


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