Thursday, October 24, 2002

Well we have had some fantastic news this week. After months of contract work at Sift, Orynthia has been made a permanent member of staff. This really is wonderful, not only because it's a great achievement on Orynthia's part, but also because it takes away the anxiety that would inevitably arise as the end of each period of employment would approach. No more buying of the paper to look through the job adverts, no more time spent preparing CV's for job applications. It's really great news, it also allows us to plan a few more things, as we don't have to worry about Orynthia's contract coming to an end in a few weeks.

To celebrate this exciting news, Orynthia has managed to pick up the cold that I was suffering with last week. Now of course, I shuffled around the house feeling sorry for myself, thinking that I was going to die. Orynthia on the other hand eats a hearty meal to fight off the bugs and goes to work as if nothing has happened.

I picked up a couple of excellent CD's yesterday. The writer and broadcaster Charlie Gillett has put together a series of 5 double CD's, each showcasing the musical heritage of a particular American city. The one's I picked up yesterday, cover New York and Chicago. The New York one starts in the 1930's with the like of Cab Calloway and Charlie Parker, travelling through the subsequent decades we encounter the likes of Billie Holiday, Clyde McPhatter, the Chiffons, Bob Dylan, Suicide and Queen Latifah plus many other less well known artists of the 40 track selection. It's the sort of collection that makes me want to have a family party and watch as the differing types of music engage or enrage the various generations. The Chicago one is in the same format but with more blues based music, so here Jimmy Reed and Sonny Boy Williamson start the party rolling before we bump into people like the Staples Singers, Jackie Wilson and Curtis Mayfield amongst others.


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