Monday, October 28, 2002

Well we had a pretty wild weekend from a weather perspective. Gale force winds ripping through the south west. No damage to our property, but I was due to play football yesterday, that was called off, thanks to the weather. Still it meant that we had a nice quite day at home. We have got a few problems with our computer at the moment, so Orynthia spent part of the day trying fix that without any joy. So if we are a bit slow in responding to any emails, that's why. We don't seam to be doing very well with electrical things at the moment. Our Digital radio has also stopped working, so we had to take that back on Saturday. The trouble is that they aren't expecting another delivery until December! At least we can pick up most of the digital radio stations through our TV Digi box but it's just not the same.

We made our 2nd visit to the splendid Wagamama's restaurant on Friday evening, 9 of us went out, a combination of family and friends and we had a really nice evening. The place was packed, in fact because of it's no reservations policy we had to queue outside for a little while. It's quite strange to see long queue's of people outside a restaurant in Bristol, I guess things will settle down in a few weeks.

On Saturday evening we walked up to the Orpheus cinema to see "Insomnia" the latest film from Christopher Nolan, the man behind the inspired "Memento". Once again Nolan plays around with the conventions of time, as the Alaskan setting covers the landscape in 24 hour daylight. Al Pacino, arrives in town as a man with problems. The lack nocturnal rest bite takes it's toll on Pacino's character, as his life starts to unravel, due to the prompting's of cold and menacing fugitive, played by Robin Williams. The film was good rather than great, just missing a certain spark.

The reds go from to strength to strength, another good away win this weekend (our 5th league win in row!), has consolidated our position in 3rd place. Two home matches to come, so let's see if we can keep it going. The draw for the 1st round of the FA cup was made over the weekend, we have picked up a very interesting game. Away to a team called Heybridge Swifts! Never heard of them. Could be very embarrassing if we come a cropper!!


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