Friday, August 29, 2003

Forgot to say that I finished reading "Everything is illuminated" last week. It is a strange book, but one which is worth persevering with as the final chapters are very touching. I've started reading the stories of John Cheever, he is not an author that I know much about, other than the fact that he had his work published via the New Yorker for many years. Looks like I'm in for lots of mid century American angst, as I work my through the nearly 700 pages which make up this collection.

We had the excitement of a fire drill in work this afternoon. It's quite strange, our building is a large open plan office, on 5 floors with a large atrium area. However it often feels as though the place is deserted. You tend to see the same faces, hanging around in the canteen area (that's me!) or outside having a smoke (not me). Now logically I know that their could be about 700 people in the place at any one time, yet it normally feels more like 70. Consequently it was quite strange to be walking off to the meeting point with loads of other people that I've never seen before. It's always a good excuse for a bit of social chit chat, just disappointing that after only 10 minutes or so we had to go back to work.

Some of Orynthia's Burmese relatives will be in Bristol this weekend. So no doubt we will be getting together and eating the traditional mountain of delicious food.

As a post script to the Massive Attack gig on Monday, I was just told that poor old Grant (Daddy G) broke his foot when he jumped into the crowd at the end of the gig! Rock and roll eh, what a dangerous game.


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