Sunday, August 03, 2003

What a busy weekend! On Friday night, we went to a couple of different events where a couple of my Monday night football pals were involved in entertaining the good people of Bristol. Through August a series of free jazz events are taking place in Queen’s Square, a short walk from my office coincided nicely with the start of The Organelles set, featuring tough tackling Dan on bass, they entertained the small but enthusiastic crowd.

Then we made our way home briefly before heading off to Four Corners at The Croft, where the normal holy trinity of Phil, Ian and John were joined by midfield star Scott Hendy, for a night of top tunes and dynamic dancing, most notably by that whirling dervish, Sarah Clarke.

Saturday evening was spent in the company of some old friends at a 40th birthday party for Rick. Not expense was spared, and the chandeliers in the marquee shone done on the 100 + people gathered together to celebrate Rick’s milestone birthday. A top time was had by all, especially when the power failed on a couple of occasions, and we realised that when it’s dark in the country, it really is dark.

Today we spent a few hours in the blazing sunshine at the harbour festival. Huge crowds of people were out, enjoying the hundreds of stalls and water related activity. Our main reason for going was to see one of Orynthia’s favourite bands from her youth – Heatwave. It’s been a running joke all week, as Orynthia would go up to people saying “Heatwave on Sunday”, they would reply with something along the lines of “ teas the weather forecast is pretty good” causing Orynthia to laughingly shout back “ No, Heatwave, the band!” As British soul / disco bands go they were probably on the best. And even I had to say they have fantastic voices and just seamed to be lovely guys.

Then after spending some time with Orynthia’s mum & dad, it was back home for relaxed tea in the early evening warmth of our back garden.

When we have been at home, we’ve been listening to a great album from James Kirk called “You can make it if you boogie”. It on Marina records, from that part of Germany, which is forever Glasgow. James was one of the original members of Orange Juice, it been many, many years since he recorded anything, but the album is fantastic. It’s just like he never went away.


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