Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I and the rest of the gang at Imperial Music are getting very excited about our first ever in-store show! On Monday afternoon top blues/country man Charlie Parr will be playing live in the shop from about 4pm. Then in the evening he’s playing a gig at Marlows. If you live in Bristol try to catch one of the shows.

I am also really excited that the amazing Sufjan Stevens is going to be playing at St Bonaventures with Iron and Wine plus Rosie Thomas in May.WOW.

I went to see The Bees last night and have to say that it was a pretty disappointing gig. Messy and self-indulgent would be the words, which spring to mind. It’s a shame, I really loved their 1st album (they only played 1 song from that last night), but the new one does not sound half as interesting.


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