Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hard to believe but another good gig has been announced for next February. I’m most excited about the news that The Go! Team will be playing at The Fleece on Feb 20th. In addition to that, we also have gigs from Elvis Costello, Nick Cave and Adam Green booked in. We are also hoping to go to London for a week around the start of the month, so it’s going to be pretty busy.

I’m still getting used to driving to and from work. Most of the journey is pretty quick, but the last 1/4 mile on the outbound journey takes about as long as the previous 3 miles, which is pretty frustrating. The last time I did regular commuting by car was just before we got married, almost 18 years ago. I had sold my car, to help fund the purchase of our flat and was making the seemingly endless journey to Trowbridge in Orynthia’s little Fiat 126. That poor car would shake and rattle it’s way through the little villages of Somerset and Wiltshire, though thankfully it never rolled! The humble little car did it’s best for me, but it could hardly be called an easy ride.

At work, our group of 18 new recruits is gelling nicely. We all feel slightly daunted by the amount of information we are taking on but everyone is really supportive of each other, which is great to see. As with all new ventures, it’s easy feel as though you don’t have a clue about what is going on and indeed for some issues that will be true for a while. In a few months time, I’m sure that we will be amazed at the knowledge we have absorbed.


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