Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Here we are in the last few days before Xmas, what a treat to wake up to an
unexpected covering of snow on Sunday morning. It managed to hang around for
quite a long time, without making too much of a menace of itself.

We had a top time at the Invada party on Friday, lot's of friends were out
and about. Enjoyed my first sighting of Aspen Woods, their brooding,
atmospheric music was compelling stuff. It's difficult to be subjective when
quite a few of your friends are in the band, but this lot have bags of

Ian Green played a short set, which seemed a little more focused than his
recent support gig with Gravenhurst. Gonga made their normal powerful
impact, despite the fact that singer Joe was not functioning at 100%. The
Metropol itself could be a great addition to the live music scene in
Bristol. Nicely sized and spaced, it even has more posts holding up the
ceiling than even The Fleece - quite an achievement.

Despite the icy weather we managed to squeeze in a game of football last
night. Our normal pitch was deemed to be too dangerous to use, and the sight
of one poor chap being carried away in obvious pain as we arrived, due to a
nasty slip, made us all aware that this was not the time to be flying around
making last ditch tackles. Consequently the game was less manic than normal,
I'd like to think that it would have suited my rather sedentary playing
style, sad to say my lack of basic skill was exposed even more than usual by
the lighting fast surface! Two causes for celebrations amongst my team
mates, Scott won the DJ of year award in Venue magazine and Geoff became a
dad yesterday. Good to know that we are good at something.


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