Friday, December 03, 2004

It looks as though everything went well for Orynthia’s mum yesterday. She had a double heart bypass, along with some valve work. We were with her in the hospital yesterday morning as she was being sedated; she looked so small on that huge bed.

They were going to use a replacement valve from a cow on her, as she was drifting away she had us in stitches as she mumbled about having a cow valve and what would happen if she started mooing when she came round. We also had to promise that we would not try to milk her! In a lovely silly way, it took all the tension out of the day.

We have certainly spent enough time in hospitals during 2004, let’s hope that 2005 is a bit more peaceful for our families.

I’m off to Oxfam now for my last shift before starting the new job on Monday.


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