Monday, May 01, 2006

So the 1-1 all draw at Ashton Gate this weekend means that City will not be making the playoffs. The last 15 -20 minutes were amongst the funniest times I have spent at Ashton Gate, with a draw meaning that we would be staying in Div 1 for another year and that Swindon would be making a swift departure to Div 2. Consequently both sides gave up any idea of defending, giving the best game of playground football I’ve ever seen. The fact that both sides failed to score even though no one was really trying to stop explains a lot about the sort of season that both clubs have had. Still I’ll be back for more next season.

Yesterday we hooked up with Dad and Step Mum, as they stopped off in Bristol for the afternoon, whilst heading from Gloucester to London. We had a brilliant lunch in The Olive Shed, before spending an hour or so in the Bristol industrial museum. Must be the first time in about 30 years that I’d been in a museum with my Dad, it turned to be great fun. As every good parent does in these situations the pair of them filled in all sort gaps in my knowledge of the industrial past of the region.

Given my Dads background in the motor trade, it was great fun to look at the part of the museum with him. One of the first things you see upon entering the place is an old wooden wagon, donated by the Gazard family of Oldbury-On-Seven, a family that were well known to him, as his parents lived in the village for many years. At the other end of the spectrum was a lovely example of a Bristol car, a gorgeously sleek car from the 1950’s which my dad used to drive from time to time as his former boss at the Evening Post had one, which Dad sometimes drove him around in.

Upstairs we took a look at the printing history of Bristol, both of them had connections to the print trade through there newspaper related work, so yet more little pearls of wisdom came to light. I felt just like a kid.

Today was spent at Redland fair; we managed not to spend too much money this year, a couple of books for me and few items of clothing for Orynthia. Hooked up with countless friends in a lovely informal way, shame the weather was not a few degrees warmer, but we had fun anyway. Another 3 day working week ahead of me, I love these bank holiday weekends!


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