Monday, May 22, 2006

So Saturday evening saw us partaking in the festival of bad taste which a Eurovision Song Contest Party. We decided to adopt Lithuania for the evening, on account of the splendid holiday, which we enjoyed there a few years ago, the fact that they had a ludicrous song helped as well.

Orynthia found a Lithuanian recipe for poppy seed cake, and we made froze a bottle of Vodka in some water, giving us fine traditional treats from the area. Jon & Katja’s house was a mass of adults and children wearing a strange verity of costumes as the fun began. Had to feel sorry for the bemused Zimbabwean neighbours we arrived late in the evening as the spectacle neared its conclusion. Lot’s of truly awful music, but a top night of fun.

Last night we nipped along to see, the indie survivors Shack and new kid on the block Jim Noir. The lad Noir and his band produced a sparkling set of tunes – witty, catchy and beautifully played they were indeed a treat.

Shack are very much at the other end of their career and by all accounts it’s a miracle that Michael Head is still alive, let alone producing great music. Pleased to say that Mick and the lads looked to be in rude health and stormed their way through a psychedelic / folky array of gems. Sometimes the guitar solo’s may have been a little too long, but the crowd (mainly men of a certain age) loved it. The final song from the band was the spellbindingly lovely “Comedy”. One of the hit’s that should have been from way back in 1999, at the time it sounded like a great comeback record, now its just sounds like a classic.

Tomorrow we are off to see Richard Hawley and Micha P. Hinson, should be another top night.


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