Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We were so sad to hear about the sudden death of Grant McLennan this weekend. The Go-Betweens were one of those bands they never quite became as big as they should have done in the UK. So many great songs over so many years, they even managed to make wonderful records when they got back together after a 10-year break, not many bands can that. Last November we very nearly went to Valencia to see them playing with Teenage Fanclub, two classic guitar bands playing on the same bill, in a interesting city was very tempting, in the end we didn’t make the trip. It’s sad to think that we will never get the chance to see The Go-Betweens again, they were a fine band.

Other than The Go-Betweens I’ve been listening to lots of new stuff recently. The new single by the brilliant Camera Obscura – "Lloyd I’m ready to be heartbroken" comes out next Monday, it’s just wonderful and should be a stonking great big hit single. Also been enjoying the following:
Sol Seppy – The Bells of 12
Calexico / Iron & Wine – In the Reins
Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat
Freddie Hubbard – Open Sesame (not exactly new, as it was recorded in 1960!)
Bricolage – 4 track promo single featuring Flowers of Deceit, Footsteps and 2 others
Flaming Lips – At War With the Mystics

Very excited that we are going to see both Camera Obscura and Bricolage in London this weekend!!!

Picked up new books by David Mitchell and Philip Roth the other day, haven’t had a chance to start either of them yet as I’ve been doing a lot of New Yorker catching up. Tomorrow night we are going to a talk which Nick Hornby is giving here in Bristol. I’m sure that’s his a very happy man at the moment, given the success which his beloves Arsenal are enjoying.

Speaking of the New Yorker I’ve got hundreds of back-issues, which I need to get rid of I guess I should go down the ebay route, but can’t really be bothered with all the fuss. Any ideas?


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