Friday, February 06, 2004

Many thanks for all the kind thoughts and good wishes; Orynthia’s dad is now looking much, much better.

So other than hospital trips, it’s been a fairly quiet week. We went to see the latest Tim Burton film “Big Fish” earlier in the week, and although it is a strange mixture of Billy Liar, Forest Gump (not a good thing in my book) and It’s a Wonderful Life, mixed up with Burton’s madcap visual flair, it works more often than it fails. For the first time in years, we actually missed the start of the film, something I hate doing. I don’t think we missed too much, luckily one of Ashton’s friends was in the cinema and was able to give us a quick run through after the film.

Tomorrow City are at home again, this time looking for their 8th win in a row, so I’ll be at that cheering them on.

On Monday night I’m off to see The Rapture at The Fleece, this is the 3ed date for the gig so lets hope that it actually happens this time. On the music front, the cutting edge albums, which I have bought home this week, are “Waves In The Ether”. It gathers together albums made in 1947, 1948 and 1950 featuring the Theremin and some fantastically over the top orchestral arrangements. It’s barmy and great fun. The other disc is by Ray Ventura & ses Collegiens. Oddball novelty jazz songs from 1935-47, sung in French. It features a great version of “We like Bananas, because they have no bones” called “Vive Les bananas!” Splendid stuff in both cases.


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